Potato Skins

Six large cripsy homemade potato skins topped with melted cheddar cheese and bacon bits. Served with shredded lettuce, duced tomatoes and sour cream on the side

Nacho Supreme

Crisp tortilla chips with your choice of seasoned chicken or beef, monteray jack and cheddar cheeses, onions, black olives, a wreath of shredded lettuce, salsa and sour cream


Jumbo drumettes and wings served mild, hot or Royal hot with celery sticks and homemade bleu cheese dressing

Chicken Quesadilla

Diced chicken breast & monterey jack cheese folded in a flour tortilla, topped with tangy salsa, black olives & sour cream

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Spinach & artichoke hearts simmered with cream, parmesan cheese and seasonings, topped with melted monterey jack cheese and sour cream. Served with warm torilla chips and salsa

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Shredded chicken mixed with celery and a spicy buffalo bleau and cream cheese mixture. Topped with melted monterey jack cheese served with celery sticks or chips

Fried Mushrooms

Hand battered and deep fried mushrooms

Mozzarella Sticks

Crispy golden sticks with homemade ranch dip

Pub Sticks

Deep fried jumbo bread sticks stuffed with mozarella cheese, brushed with garlic butter and dustem with parmesan cheese

Buffalo Bleu Fries

Waffle fries tossed in garlic with buffalo sauce and topped with bacon bits, melted bleu cheese crumbles and fresh pico de gallo

Onion Rings

Thick cut and hand beer battered onion rings

Waffle Fries

Crisscut french fries

Brew Fries

Beer battered french fries

Chips & Salsa

Warm tortilla chips and salsa

Chicken Egg Rolls

Two chicken spring rolls served on a bed of lettuce with sweet chilli sauce

Garlic Cheese Bread

Slices of garlic bread topped with monterey jack cheese and parsley

Homemade Soups

Chicken Noodle
French Onion
Clam Chowder


Plain or Texas Style (adds onions, cheddar cheese and sour cream

Half Sandwich and Soup

Half Salad and Soup

Taco Salad

Romaine on a bed of tortilla chips with seasoned beef or chicken, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onion & black olives with sour cream and salsa on the side

Cherry Chicken Salad

Romaine with pecans, bleu cheese crumbles, dried cherries and diced chicken with raspberry vinaigrette

Kingsley Salad

Romaine topped with layers of diced chicken, tomatoes, bleu cheese, bacon, chopped egg, cheddar cheese with choice of dressing

Southwest Fried Chicken Salad

Romaine tossed in chipotle ranch. Served on a bed of tortilla chips, topped with red onion, black olives, green peppers, cheddar and monterey jack cheese, with hand battered fried chicken

Grilled Chicken Caesar

Romaine tossed in homemade caeser dressing with red onions, parmesan cheese and croutons.

Fried Chicken Wrap

Lightly breaded, cajun seasoned chicken, diced tomatoes and lettuce tossed in ranch

Cherry Chicken Salad Wrap

Chicken salad with romaine, red onion and dried cherries

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Grilled chicken caeser salad with parmesan and red onion

Tuna Bacon Wrap

Tuna salad with romaine, diced tomato, provolone cheese asnd bacon

Chicken Fajita Wrap

Grilled cajun chicken strips with green peppers, grilled onions and cheddar cheese. Served with sour cream and salsa

Choice of fresh local BAY Breads include Light Rye, White, Honey Wheat, Sub Bun or Kaiser Bun.
Served with warm tortilla chips and a pickle. Add fries for 1.75


Sliced corned beef or turkey with sauerkraut, topped with swiss cheese and 1000 island on Light Rye


Sliced roast beef on a toasted sub bun served with au jus
Make it deluxe with grilled onions, mushrooms, peppers and swiss cheese


Grilled chicken breast with grilled mushrooms, bacon and provolone cheese topped with shredded lettuce on a kaiser bun


Sliced ham with provolone cheese, romaine, tomato, with choice of cherry butter or spicy deli mustard on a toasted sub bun

Buffalo Chicken Tender Sub

Hand battered deep fried chicken tossed in buffalo sauce (hot or mild) topped with lettuce and served on a toasted sub bun


Sliced smoked turkey, bacon and guacamole on a toasted sub bun with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and chipotle mayo


Smoked ham and turkey stacked double-decker high on toasted bread with bacon, swiss, lettuce, tomato and 1000 island

Beer Battered Fish Sandwich

Hand battered Atlantic cod deep fried and served on toasted sub bun with shredded lettuce, tartar sauce and lemon

Chicken Salad Pita

Chicken salad with lettuce, and diced tomatoes served in a pita pocket


Chicken salad or tuna salad with american cheese on toasted bread


Guacamole, mushrooms, tomatoes, monterey jack and cheddar cheese on toasted bread

Served on a Kaiser bun, comes with tortilla chips and a pickle. Add fries for 1.75.
Choice of cheese includes: bleu, cheddar, swiss, american, provolone, pepperjack or monterey jack.

Big Ben

Plain and simple

Jonathon B

grilled mushrooms and ham with cheese


Grilled onions, bacon and cheese


Green olive tapenade mayo

Patty Melt

Grilled onions and swiss on rye


Grilled onions, bacon, BBQ sauce with cheese

Buffalo Bleu

Bleu cheese with mild or hot sauce


Parmesan cheese and topped with romaine, red onion, caeser dressing served on texas toast

All dinners come with choice of potato or rice, coleslaw and garlic toast.
Add a cup of any soup or side salad for 2.99

Fish and Chips

Large cod fillets beer battered and deep fried. Served seak or waffle fries and coleslaw

Chicken and Chips

Breaded boneless fresh chicken breast tenders hand battered and deep fried. Served seak or waffle fries and coleslaw
Roll in hot or mild sauce for 1.00

Ribeye Steak

12oz hand-cut and char-grilled

Surf and Turf

12oz Ribeye along side of eight pieces of Red Hook Ale beer battered fried shimp

Shrimp Plater

Fifteen pieces of Red Hook Ale beer battered shrimp with cocktail sauce

Blackened Steak Caeser Salad

Classic caeser salad with red, onion, parmesan cheese, croutons tossed in caeser dressing served with a blackened 8oz New York Strip and garlic toast

Shepherd's Pie

Mushrooms, onions, seasoned shredded beef laered with mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese served on a light patry dough with au jus, corn and garlic toast

Big Wet Burrito

Large tortilla stuffed with choice of ground beef or chicken, refried beans, cheddar and monterey jack cheese, smothered in enchilada sauce, topped with more cheese and served with spanice rice. Lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, and sour cream served on the side.

Roast Beef Dinner

Sliced roast beef piles on white bread, served open faced with mashed poatotes and beef gravy. Come;s with corn and garlic toast

Bangers and Mash

Two large smoked beef sausages served with 3 scoops of mashed poatoes and gravy. Substitute saurkraut for a scoop of potatoes

Baby Back Ribs

Half slab of BBQ ribs served with fries and coleslaw

Shrimp Scampi

Three shrimp skewers basted in scampi butter and served over rice pilaf with a vegetable side

Cajun Chicken Pasta

Cajun seasonsed char-broiled chicken breast, roasted red peppers, and sliced mu[shrooms with penne pasta in a light creamy alfredo sauce

Liverpool Pasta

Diced chicken breast and penne pasta with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, red peppers, garlic and herbs in a light creamy alfredo sauce

Newcastle Stir Fry

Diced seasoned chicken tossed with carrots, broccoli, mushroom, red pepper, onion, celery, water chestnuts and snow peas. Served on a bed of rice pilaf.
choice of classic or sweet and sour stir-fry sauce

Chicken Tenders

5 small tenders

Kid burgers

2 small sliders


Alfredo, butter, marinara


Pepperoni or cheese

Grilled Cheese

White bread and Amerian cheese